Bone Bar & Boutique

Since 2016

Carly Andriaccio, the owner of Bone Bar & Boutique in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, couldn’t have imagined when she moved to the small town in 2013 that she’d be opening a business there. The full-time musician was looking for a job to supplement her music career, but wasn’t able to find something that would give her enough time off for practices and gigs. That’s when she realized she needed to be her own boss.

The Bone Bar & Boutique didn’t come to be just because Carly loved dogs (doesn’t everybody?). She also had worked in a kennel, and along with her family, has helped raise puppies for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. She found the space that Bone Bar & Boutique now is, and saw an opportunity to open a boutique store different from other stores in the area.

About our Products


Carly chooses products for the Bone Bar & Boutique based on what she would want her dogs to have themselves.

“I go to a convention once a year and see thousands of products, all of which I want to have in the store, but I need to be careful about what I can fit! Cat products are a little more difficult for me to choose, but I rely on my friends with cats to tell me what might be a big hit or not.”

She tries to pick products that you can’t find anywhere else.

“I want unique items that are quality made at a decent price point. Speaking of quality, 99% of what I sell is made in the USA, and that includes 100% of the treats and food.”